How to Raise Chickens – 5 tips on Raising Chickens

by Terry on September 8, 2009

Do you wish to raise chickens from the comfort of your own home? There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a scrambled egg, courtesy of your own flock and in this article I am going to give you 5 tips on raising your own chickens.

At first, it may seem like a lot of work preparing to raise chickens, but they actually require little daily care and you will soon experience the benefits of raising your own chickens once you start.

Here 5 tips for successfully raising your own chickens.

1. Housing

Chicken Coops do not need to be extravagent, or expensively designed. Chickens simply need somewhere to roost in the evenings and somewhere they can be protected from predators. Plans for simple chicken coops can be found in many books or on-line, to suit most people requirements.

2. Food

Chicken feeders are cheap and easily available and come in a variety of styles.

3. Water

Having a watering station raised above the ground is more practical than simply having a water bowl or dish as the latter can be quite messy and will require more attention.

4. Storage for Feed

A metal bin is ideal for the storage of the chicken feed, as pests such as rats which also enjoy the feed will be prevented from accessing it.

5. Nesting Boxes

These are not necessary, but they are an easy way for you to collect the eggs laid. You can make your own or purchase one from your local farm supply store. Check out this article on chicken coop designs..

By researching your options and having a clear idea in your head how you would like to run things, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to successfully raise healthy and happy chickens.

A great eBook that help with Raising chickens has been written by Martin Ashway who provides a huge amount of information on raising chickens in your own backyard.

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